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Coco 'n' the Fellas - A Little Bit of Funky Summertime

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Paddy Lester-Rourke.
Video Recording by James Tony Bennett
Video Edit by Mincho Mundrov

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Coco 'n' the Fellas - Everybody's Song (Kenny Wheeler)

Everybody's song was recorded live at Surry University in March. The song is part of the bands first album: 'Introducing Coco 'n' the Fellas'
Recorded and mixed by Craig Cieciura.
Video engineers: Harvey Palmer, Callum King and Alex Bird,

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Coco 'n' The Fellas - King of the Swingers Live @ Primo Bar

Coco 'n' The Fellas performing "King of the Swingers" Live @ Primo Bar in London

Ami Oprenova - Vocals
Joe Perkins - Acoustic guitar
Daniele Ciuffreda - Electric guitar
Havard Tanner - Bass

Video & Audio Recording/Production- Josh Wunderlich

Alfredo Ponissi "Young Blood Quartet" live @ Capolinea (TO)

Alfredo Ponissi "Young Blood Quartet" live @ Capolinea (23/01/2016)

Alfredo Ponissi - saxes, flute and vocals
Daniele Ciuffreda - guitar
Stefano Solani - double bass
Francesco Brancatp - drums

Alfredo Ponissi Young Blood - Trailer CD "Bird Lives"

Alfredo Ponissi "Young Blood"new CD released "Bird Lives"